Piper PA-19 Super Cub (F-BOUB)


Type: Piper PA-19
Immatriculation: F-BOUB
S/N: 181422

History of F-BOUB


Piper – Manufacturing
Serial 18-1422
Registration 51-15422
Type L-18C
Date of Manufacture:  29NOV1951
Manufacturing site Lock Haven
Engine Continental C90-8F
Propeller Sensenich M76AK-2-42
Fuselage Number 18-1356
Weight 815 pounds
Color Yellow
Special equipment shielding, fire extinguisher, tie down rings, control locks, ezy gas drain, first aid kit, commercial safety belts, deckboard, map case, black instruments, provisions for radio, parking brakes, mixture control


Piper – Sales

Serial 18-1422
Registration 51-15422
Customer/Dealer MDAP
Date of sale 17DEC1951





  • 51-15422 17DEC1951 delivered
  • 18-1422 ? ALAT with code F-MAHK at some time
  • F-BOUB 25OCT1967 Dominique Jullien, Grenoble
  • 24MAY1976 Guy Rosseau, Nevron
  • 10JUN2004 Charles Aceti, Chamaret
  • 03SEP2004 Jean-Claude Sulpice, Bordeau & Jean Marc Debouit, Vimines & Pierre Bugnard, Rumilly & Jean-Pierre Charvin, Aix les Bains


Piper PA-19 Super Cub (privé)

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