Invitation à Stauning

Dear friends,

More than 50 years ago I was one of the founding fathers of Stauning Airport. Despite turning 90 next month I am still pulling some strings in relation to the airport.
I have now decided that we need a lot more activities and action at Stauning Airport, among other things by inviting all pilots in Europe to make a stop in Stauning!
The western part of Jutland has a lot to offer, and since I don’t want you to miss the opportunity, you are hereby invited to the amazing Western Jutland.

Many of you I have met over the years on Endelave. Now maybe we will meet in Stauning, or you can stop at my home headquarter passing by. I live just 10 kilometres north of Stauning Airport.

Please forward to flying friends !

Best Regards,

Jens Toft

Toft Air Force

Plus de renseignement sont disponibles dans cette présentation (format PDF).

A vendre: enveloppes gauche neuves pour échappement PA-11 et PA-18

Vends enveloppes gauche neuves pour échappement PA-11 & PA-18. Prix 300€.
Contact:Nicolas COFFIN    Tél : 0695454731

A vendre: pièces d’occasion pour Piper J-3/L-4

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Bonjour, nous vendons des pièces d’occasion de provenance de notre Cub avant réparation.
Photos supplémentaires disponibles sur demande.

  • Paire de support de prises d’air pour cylindre ( eyebrows angle braket ) 25 euro.
  • Elément de fuselage avec paroi par feu ( J-3 Boot Cowl Kit ) 250 euro.
  • Roulette de queue SCOTT TAILWHEEL) 200 euro.
  • Lames de roulette de queue (STEEL TAILWHEEL LEAF SPRINGS) 40 euro.
  • Structure de siège avant (Piper J-3 Front Seat Frame Assembly) 300 euro.
  • Câble de mixture 15 euro.
  • Alternateur JASCO 12V MODEL 6560T 50 ampère 450 euro.

Alexandre et James BOUQUET
06 78 36 26 87